• Best Story Always Wins Post On Wistia!

    Our friends over at Explainify are not only incredible artists, animators, and creatives, but they are also budding writers. They've been in the midst of a guest post series on Wistia's blog. Explainify asked us to help them write a nice post on storytelling for Wistia...  Read More

  • 5 Phases In Conversation: What To Do After The "How Are You?" Has Come And Gone

    Conversations with new people can be awkward. “And so…” …. "Uh…" That premonition of your prepared thoughts don’t often come out like they do in the movies when talking to important strangers...  Read More

  • The Billion Dollar Joke

    Humor is the number one way to disarm someone, and let you into their lovely little world. You’re sitting with an investor worth a few million, it could be awkward—especially the first time. You’re telling him what you think he wants to hear and your sweat beads tell him you’re as nervous as a family of worms paddling over a bream pond...  Read More

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