• The Room of Expectation

    We all love it when we sit with someone and they tell us that they are going to give us 5 billboards around the city, 10,000 flyers distributed, a rock solid website, a meeting with the President and 50% increase in sales all in ONE WEEK. Here’s what happens...

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  • The 70% Multiplier

    My Client Relations Manager and I had a meeting with a client the other day. The client expressed to us that although I understood his desires, those in my company completely misunderstood them. After the meeting, I asked my colleague to evaluate the meeting’s success. He was pleased that we had completed most of our objectives and rated the encounter as 7/10. He seemed satisfied—I was not.

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  • 1984

    English is a dynamic and organic language. Six years ago if you questioned any thirteen year old about the definition of the word 'tweet' you would be reliably informed that this was the sound that a bird made (this information having first been obtained from a nursery book at age 5). Today, however, well, just "google" it.   Read More

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