• A To Z: Alan Meets Zimbabwe

    Mines, property development, the prime minister and some reasonable traffic policemen. Last week I toured a number of opportunities that needed financing in Zimbabwe. I was with a finance guru who wrote the book on trade finance. His name...  Read More

  • Turning Bath Water To Tea

    Apparently writers block didn't exist until the 1900s. Maybe it was because each word took a while to write out with pen and ink. So by the time you finished writing a sentence, you had already started coming up with the next one...  Read More

  • The Future Of Marketing: Much Less Art And Much More Science

    The future of marketing is going to be "much less art and much more science." Little shifts cause large returns for big businesses. If you can increase a web page's conversion rate by 1%, it could equate to millions of added sales. Yet there's something about this statement that just rubs me the wrong way. I would consider myself a marketer, but I don't enjoy the metrics and numbers of scientific marketing...  Read More

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