• The Revisitation

    It's like being abducted by aliens and then returning to earth and nobody believing your story. The Revisitation is the style of meeting that turns sweet cream into rotten cheese and the pretty little secretary into a dumbfounded nag. Most of us have been there: The Revisitation...  Read More

  • Roasting In Oz

    Kansas City. The home of Dorothy and tornadoes, where you might find a yellow brick road that leads to some great and powerful wizard who’ll make all your dreams come true. Well if you’re an entrepreneur in Kansas City, it’s close to the truth. The Silicon Prairie I went to Kansas City because I was invited to witness the start-up energy in what is now being referred to as “The Silicon Prairie." I wanted to see if this statement is correct.   Read More

  • When The Small Becomes Big

    Do big things so that the small things stay small. I know a lady who's biggest event in her week is taking her dog out to play fetch. She has a simple home and focuses on all the small things that make up her personal life. These small things become the big accomplishments of her week.  Read More

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