• Do You Have My Back?

    When you meet someone they will put their best face on, their most attractive laugh and then smile at you with a pose that they have practiced in front of the mirror. “Let’s work together,” becomes a nice little catchphrase bandied about over a crouton infested lunch. The word "synergy" is used too often in business. When the joke attempts, laughter, and small talk are over the true essence of the relationship begins.   Read More

  • Malaysia: The Fight For Food

    What I learned while on a long layover in Dubai traveling back to Africa from Malaysia. The difference of 10 minutes showed me an interesting insight, all surrounding the fight for food.  Read More

  • Lost In Malaysia

    This week I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to speak to a group of entrepreneurship students from INTI University and ELAI University. I stayed with some friends from Ghana, who work in the oil industry, and because they work with people halfway around the world, they never sleep, but then neither does the city of Kuala Lumpur.  Read More

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