• Decide To Dominate

    People shout at the TV when they watch sports, “I could have done better then that,” or “What a moron! Did he not see the left side of the goal open?” When we’re not playing we know exactly what we would do if we were in the game, but we have no clue what to do when we are “us.” We say it about big time CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and chefs. “Well if I was the chef, I’d add a little more sorbet garnish on the side of this dish.” Then, when it comes down to you landing a new client...  Read More

  • Doing Business In Africa Part 4: Growing Right Before Our Eyes

    This is the 4th post in a continuation on "Why Business in Africa: 27 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Business With The World's Largest Emerging Market."  Read More

  • The Story Behind Emerging Ideas

    Who Is Emerging Ideas? We are Tim Bickers & Tommy Deuschle. We come from worlds apart, but a series of emerging ideas brought us together. Read our story.  Read More

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