• Cash Crisis

    When confronted with huge debt payments, a legal case, and dwindling profits, Richard Branson’s Virgin Records was faced with a cash crisis. In reflecting on his crisis, he said that there are two ways to deal with such a situation...  Read More

  • It Matters

    The playing field isn’t level. It does matter who you are, where you live, and who you know. It matters a lot. With technology today, the geography is still important, but where you live isn’t as important as it once was. For example...  Read More

  • The Third Wave

    I found an interesting interview with Steve Case about the third wave of the internet. The first wave was getting everyone connected online. This started in the early 1990s with 3% of citizens in the USA (where the internet first originated) for about 1 hour per week. The second wave was building...  Read More

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