• The Color of Money

    Money has a color (and it's not racist). "There's some money you never want to take.” I was told this by a well-seasoned investment banker who's done everything from coal mine deals in Africa to New York stock exchange maneuvers. It stuck with me...  Read More

  • Helping Others Succeed

    It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. In the 1800s, many families sought greener pastures and moved West across the undiscovered America. They could travel as far as Cumberland Gap in Missouri, but then...  Read More

  • Delegation

    Delegation does not equal responsibility handover. When you delegate a task, you are not delegating responsibility. Rather, you are adding greater responsibility. You’re trusting that the person who is helping will also view the delegated task with great value, just like you do...  Read More

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