• They Matter

    I had the opportunity to sit with one of my heroes recently and hear him speak at a conference. He said, "I have never done anything in my life except through relationships.” That’s been so true in my life too. Projects, businesses, investments, ideas, lunches, camping trips, family, it’s all...  Read More

  • Fifteen Years In Prison

    "He just came out of fifteen years in prison this weekend." This is how I got introduced to Wes. His eyes were wide with earnestness and his smile seemed a little big. Without context, he was way too eager to talk and way too enthusiastic about...  Read More

  • Are You Holding Back Your Best?

    Some of the most creative people, companies and bands are known for putting their best ideas out there. That's a scary thing to do because what if you don't have as good of an idea next time? But that's the beauty of forcing...  Read More

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