• Expanding Ideas

    Ideas are not scarce objects. Growing up, if you shared a part of your lunch with a friend at school, you got less. Perhaps you gained more of a friendship and forged an alliance in the schoolyard, but you actually got less of the sandwich at lunch. That was a big thing for me growing...  Read More

  • What I Would Do If I Were Unemployed?

    Unemployment. This is an epidemic globally, not just in Africa. Zimbabwe has very little formal employment these days. The going statistic being thrown around locally is 95% unemployment. Sure, everyone’s hustling and looking for that next dollar, but they...  Read More

  • The 1,000 Floor Elevator

    If you’re a designer and you interview with Google for a job, you’ll be assessed based on your creativity and problem solving on the fly. They’re known for asking design problems for you to solve in the interview. Like the 1,000 Floor Elevator...  Read More

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