• Test What You're Working On & Try to Break It

    The Lean Startup Model. One of the main things we love about this method is that it helps you avoid spending months and months building something that isn't tested. Your goal should be to get into the market and test, then create your product around what your paying customers need...  Read More

  • Accelerating Change

    10 years ago, a call to Zimbabwe was $2.79/minute from the States. The communication gap was massive and trying to run a global business from a landlocked country in Africa was unthinkable. We know 'cause we did it. Today, change is accelerating. And what was fast last year is...  Read More

  • Techie Beggars

    The technology driven beggar. Beggars on every street are suffering. Not just because they don't have jobs, but because now the country is moving to paperless. So the beggars are side swiped. They need point of sale (POS) machines or ecocash. Imagine...  Read More

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