• Elevator Buttons

    Did you know that 4 out of 5 close door buttons in elevators don’t actually work? Shocking, I know! Why would the manufacturers put out a defective button product? It’s the axis of control designed into...  Read More

  • Advance. Ask It.

    Advance. After we all talk, there must be an advance (even if it's something internal). Where did we get to because we all sat down for a meeting? It doesn't have to be a physical destination or a chart, or goals, or minutes. But did we move forward? When the...  Read More

  • What Is Disruption?

    Those invested in the traditional disruption narrative would have you believe it’s definition is limited to autonomy, electrification, and still undefined pitch words like mobility—a first-world view easily digested in the United States, whose 321 million citizens comprise only...  Read More

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