• Connecting the Dots

    Right now you can search and find anything you want. Think of it like searching out the dots. Each dot has a piece of information that you can discover. Like, how long does it take for snow peas to germinate? Believe it or not, you can find that answer immediately...  Read More

  • Kicking Down the Dirt Path

    Do you ever feel like your business growth efforts are futile? Like you’re just kicking an idea around and two years later, you’re still kicking it? We have a ton of ideas we throw out there just to see if any stick. Then we kick them down the dirt path and see if...  Read More

  • Zebras Over Unicorns

    We believe that developing alternative business models to the startup status quo has become a central moral challenge of our time. These alternative models will balance profit and purpose, champion democracy, and put a premium on sharing power and resources. Companies that create...  Read More

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