• Humility And The New Smart

    Imagine you were living during the days of Thomas Edison. He invents the light bulb, then electrical currents are installed in streets, then into businesses, then homes. Now you can have light in your home. Can you imagine walking into a house that had electricity for the very first time? The hum...  Read More

  • Adversity's Eyes

    When you encounter a lion in the bush, the typical advice for survival is to stand up as tall as you can, put your arms in the air, and make some noise. "That usually works," my professional hunter friend says. "But if he charges you...  Read More

  • The Myth of Leapfrogging Progress

    You’ve heard the phrase, "Africa is going to leapfrog developing economics because of technology." If you haven’t, it’s something that’s been flung out there for the past 10 or so years. "It’s the next big market! With over 1 billion...  Read More

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