Blueberry Buckets & Vision

Blueberry Buckets & Vision

I took my family to a blueberry farm the other day and I couldn’t help but think about the importance of having a clear vision.

We all know having vision is important, but often we fail to make the vision clear to the rest of our team.

As my young children were walking through the rows and rows of blueberries, MY vision was to fill as many buckets as we could.

My mouth was watering thinking of the delectable treats we would create with all of these wild berries—muffins, pancakes, fruit smoothies, and more. Yet, the progress was slow due to the rapid inhalation of the berries by all of my kids.

By the time we would pick a handful of berries, they’d be straight into their mouths. So I began to cast vision. I started by painting a beautiful culinary picture. Imagine the warm, fluffy, blueberry muffins coming out of the oven! We’ll put delicious butter on them and then sit down with a piping, hot mug of tea and enjoy our creations.

But it was a little too late, the tikes were stuffed with berries and now they were desiring to rest and stop working.

Needless to say, we picked enough berries to last us a few days—but my expectation of berries for months was too lofty for this particular outing.

How are you framing your vision for your team?

Can everyone state the vision that you’re all working towards? Or is it a lofty expectation stuck in your head and not becoming a reality like you had hoped?

I'm still dreaming of those muffins.

(photo via alix ruby)