Brainstorming is Dumb

Brainstorming is Dumb

Studies have been pointing to this fact for a few years now. Books like The Myths of Creativity and now a study from Co.Design shows that brainstorming in meetings is ineffective and a waste of time.

"Study after study found that people who use this group technique produce fewer good ideas than those who ideate alone."

The best ideas come from your own time spent thinking and then collaborating with one another with the freedom and space to build upon the ideas generated.

When starting a meeting earlier this year, Tommy opened the meeting by saying, "There's no way this meeting can fail, cause there's no goal."

It was his way of tossing brainstorming out of the window and giving our team a platform to think to themselves, share ideas, and build upon the ideas we’ve been tossing around for months.

Some call the new technique Brainwriting—coming up with ideas, then discreetly passing them around and building upon them. Call it what you want, but hiring rockstars on your team and giving them the space and opportunity to solve some your problems will always produce more results than the chief at the top pontificating his own ideas in a monolog fashion.

Science is now proving this.

(photo via quinn.d)