Bulawayo Pitch Night Recap (1 July 2016)

Bulawayo Pitch Night Recap (1 July 2016)

Bulls that Make A Way Yo!

Bulawayo. The word almost sounds like "Bulls that make a way Yo!" Coming out in their numbers for Pitch Night Bulawayo, the #trep community in this city is nothing short of spectacular ("trep" is short for entrepreneur). The participation and passion collide in one of the rooms (sponsored by RTG) to form something that was even mistaken as a political rally.

"The energy in the room can't be fabricated, it's real, and not forced" said one of the attendees at the last Pitch Night.

29 year-old Jeff T Chivheya stepped up to the front and proved that his start-up StudentX is already changing lives. Many people can talk, but Jeff is all about action. He co-founded the blog in 2015 with the mission of providing information to college going students in Zimbabwe. He discovered that although people were in school, some were barely meeting their payments. Others had no access to mentorship or advice channels. Jeff then birthed an online platform to register their situation and then be matched with available individual or corporate donors.

The third year NUST student, Larry Zivanayi Jawi (aged 21) bowled over the community with his ride sharing platform called Let's Go. Transport in Zimbabwe can be improved upon and Larry and his team went for it. This web based platform is completely automated from end to end and provides flexible scheduling for ride services. The goal now is to get more travelers buying into the solution. Check it out.

People in the room were quickly turned into amateur journalists by the young and beautiful Tatenda. And this 23 year-old is the founder of Tipster. A news sharing platform that is decentralizing the news making business by placing the power of the media into the hands of the ordinary person and empowering anyone with a smartphone into an amateur journalist. More from the people? That's what we want.

This Friday saw another remarkable turn out and also a few extra spicy ingredients that's helping launch these ideas to a national audience. Terrence Mugova, on the Emerging Ideas team and founder of Educate, pulled the trigger on launching Pitch Nights in Bulawayo. People say he's a got this suave approach, which made Friday night's event anything but boring.

Tommy Deuschle sent through a teaser clip of the all new reality TV show with the main cast being entrepreneurs. It's called Simba Savannah and it's geared up to launch the best ideas in Zimbabwe to the people, while giving them a boost of mentorship and capital.

Next Pitch Night is 5th of August—put it on your calendar!