But They Might Steal My Idea...

But They Might Steal My Idea...

There’s a phrase we hear all the time, “But they might steal my idea…” Or “my idea might get stolen if I share it."

Let’s break this down for a minute. In doing business in an African nation that has desperate and hungry people on every street corner—there are lots of idea thieves around. But don’t fret about it. You know why?

Because the fact that you are even having this idea is a step ahead of the rest of the idea thieves out there.

Now, take your idea and put together what we call a 1-pager (a simple 1 page executive summary of your idea, how you plan to execute it, some market research, and why you know you’ll be successful). With this, you have an idea and a plan. You’re even farther ahead of the idea thieves out there.

Next, let’s talk about your passion. The mere fact that you came up with the idea separates you from the competition. Combine your passion with your 1-pager, your execution plan and now relationship networking—even if they copy you, you will dominate.

The crux of this statement is that you’re more concerned about the competition (idea thieves in this case) than you are about executing your strategy the best.

We come from the execution angle. It’s not about the idea as much as it’s in the execution of the plan that surrounds the idea.

So, blow your competition out of the water. Don't stop and argue with them. Show them. Don't tell them.

Your relationship and instigation capital can catapult you to another stratosphere while your competitor is thinking they're winning. Your overall vision and longterm thinking will crush their thievery in time.

So don't stress if someone takes your initial idea. Be smarter with who you share with in the future. Shun this type of person in society. And crush them with your idea execution.

But he might steal my idea? Yeah, he might. But you’ll never know if you don’t give it your all.

So quit looking around and build your business the best you know how to!

The rest will take care of itself.

(photo via mark fischer)