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  • The Speed of Trust (Part 2)—I'm SO NEEDY Right Now.

    You can only expand at the speed of trust. Trust is like a bridge that connects worlds. Without it, the train arrives at the precipice between two mountains. The conductor shouts, “Everyone out! The next train will pick you up on the other side of the chasm!"...  Read More

  • A Different Way To Hiring

    If your solution is hiring cheap labor to address an inefficient system, then all you're doing is delaying dealing with and solving your inefficiencies. One incompetent person helping another doesn’t result in exponential results. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Imagine...  Read More

  • Why Won't This Work?

    It’s a hard question but necessary for development in a venture. No matter your position in the company, ask your team this short and powerful question: Why won’t this work?  Read More