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  • The Speed of Trust (Part 2)—I'm SO NEEDY Right Now.

    You can only expand at the speed of trust. Trust is like a bridge that connects worlds. Without it, the train arrives at the precipice between two mountains. The conductor shouts, “Everyone out! The next train will pick you up on the other side of the chasm!"...  Read More

  • Development Decisions & the Team Assessment

    Knowing what you're good at is important. If your team isn’t honest about who's good at what, then the wrong people end up trying to do the work. Even meaningful work gets botched when the wrong people are doing it. And it never reaches its potential...  Read More

  • Postponing Rio 2016

    Just the title alone might cause people to panic. The Rio Olympics 2016's roll-out team has a deadline to hit. The set up costs directly related to the Olympics are $5.6 billion dollars, and the whole world is watching. Deadlines can't be treated like bad suggestions...  Read More