Capturing Imagination

Capturing Imagination

"The simple idea that captures the imagination of a few and then spreads is certain to dominate." Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

  • You don't need a thousand followers to make a difference.
  • You don't need an article written about you in Newsweek to put you on the map.
  • You don't need your professor's approval to turn your class project into a business.
  • You don't need me to tell you that someone might invest in your idea.
  • All you need is a simple idea told well.
  • All you need is the imagination of a few.
  • All you need is to start. Now. Today.

All you need is to believe in you.

  • Failure is not a person. It's an event.
  • Failure is not something you are. It's something that happens.
  • Failure is a result, but not the end result.
  • You are not a failure.
  • You are a mover. Moving forward.
  • You are an engine that can. Climbing higher.
  • You are a champion rising from the ashes.
  • Today is your day.

Someone should invent that...
Someone is you.

Someday I'll do that...
Someday is now.

I wish I could…
You can.

Go. Start. Begin.

(photo via ben heine)