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  • Cash Crisis

    When confronted with huge debt payments, a legal case, and dwindling profits, Richard Branson’s Virgin Records was faced with a cash crisis. In reflecting on his crisis, he said that there are two ways to deal with such a situation...  Read More

  • Vital vs Trivial

    Being able to distinguish between what’s vital in your business and what’s trivial is a critical skill for successful entrepreneurs to have. The tricky thing is that it isn’t a skill you can just sit down and learn. It’s forged in the...  Read More

  • Daily Steps To Success

    There's no jumpstart in life. It's about daily steps that you must go through. We hear this a lot: "How do you grow a business in Africa? In an economic climate like this?” “Wow, it must be a really brilliant idea…” “Your success can’t be duplicatable, can it?"...  Read More