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  • Cash Crisis

    When confronted with huge debt payments, a legal case, and dwindling profits, Richard Branson’s Virgin Records was faced with a cash crisis. In reflecting on his crisis, he said that there are two ways to deal with such a situation...  Read More

  • Forget the Fancy Terms

    We often get tripped up on feeling ill-equipped to accomplish the task at hand. There’s always someone smarter than you out there. Or someone more qualified with a PhD in human-centered design or Six Sigma manufacturing. When you encounter these thoughts, feelings, or...  Read More

  • Unnecessary Things

    Let’s keep innovating and creating the world we want to live in. We can’t just let things happen we have to make them happen. Survival mentality. What does that look like? Focus on making sure no one’s killing you. Doing what’s necessary to stay a live. The trouble with this is...  Read More