Change The World In 8 Hours

Change The World In 8 Hours

There are 8 hours in a workday for normal people. There are 10 hours for people who love work, and there are 16 to 18 hours available to do “things that matter” for people who are obsessed with what they are doing.
Let’s be conservative and look at 8 hours. 8 hours is a lot of time to get things done and to connect the appreciation dots between people that you enjoy working with. In 8 hours, mountains can be moved even if it’s slightly, and everyday it should be attempted.

Doing things that matter must get into your blood and pump hard throughout your body. It makes the resting times more restful and the entertaining times way more entertaining.

What did you do today?

I wrote a letter and got quotes on a function.

Good. What else?

There’s a blank stare. [OMG what are we doing here?]

What did you create in 8 hours today? Are you putting off things till tomorrow that could be knocked out with lots of excitement today? Did your passion go for a walk somewhere? If so, track it down and sew in onto your shadow so that it never leaves.

Let’s go back. Writing a letter could be as boring as “Dear Boldridge, we are writing this because...and we would like to commend you for…. And we are taking time to write this because….” No mountains moved. Nothing—just a letter that will give null inspiration and nothing to the person reading it.

Here’s a way to write a letter and move a mountain.

  • Start with a blank piece of art paper (which is anything).
  • Think of who is receiving this letter.
  • Where are they?
  • Why are they hating life right now and why are they loving it?
  • How many things do they read in a day and why will yours stand out?
  • Write down interesting words, images and phrases that could shine brightly from the page (or email).

See, now that should take an hour. Now you have 7 hours left to crush the rest of the day.

  • Write a script.
  • Create a new presentation for the next 10 new clients that you’ll be meeting.
  • Hold a 20 minute creative training session with your top leaders and buy them coffee.
  • Dip strawberries in chocolate, freeze them and send them over to someone that you might have let down (include 2 apple-tizers).
  • Send a thoughtful SMS to a client and tell them how much they mean to your business.
  • Seriously, do something that matters right now.

Go. Do.

(photo via spreng ben)