Changing Course

Changing Course

If you make it and people don’t see the value, don’t give up. Just remake it.

The famous salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar tells a story about a plane that takes off from New York and is heading to Dallas, Texas. 5 minutes into the flight, it’s windy, and they’re off course. The plane doesn’t turn around and start over—it just adjusts its course.

If you’re going to make it as an entrepreneur, you’re going to have a lot of things that don’t work. Seth Godin tells of 900 rejection letters he received in his first year of being in the book business before one of his ideas ever got published.

As a community, we need you to adjust and learn from it and continue on this path.

As you get rejected and your course is altered, the number of places you can add value is so huge that it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll get to Dallas (or wherever it is that you're flying to). Don’t quit, change course a bit, and keep changing course until you get there. You’ll figure it out along the way and that’s part of learning how to run a business.

[HT to Seth Godin’s Startup School. Highly recommend going through his free online audio course here.]

(photo via e.leeson)