Clearing Landmines

Clearing Landmines

We received a fascinating article recently from a CEO and good friend of ours. He included some commentary that we thought worthy of sharing with you all here.

The article talks about how rats are trained to sniff out landmines amongst other things. The so-called Hero Rats have become proficient mine sweepers—clearing mass fields of dangerous explosives left after war. And thus far, they’re cheaper, faster to train, and have a perfect success rate—no casualties to date.

There’s a great lesson here:

Where else do we use and send human capital to do a dangerous or tedious job that could be done using other means or resources?

Are you sending a sales person into the field without good tools or support? This is a dangerous game that can hurt the reputation and longevity of the sales person and the company.

What about sending kids off to school without their basic needs met…

Or pastors who are not fully supported by their flock, but are ok letting the pastor do all the grunt work to serve them.

Here’s one that may be close to home for some of you, parents who can always find the time to do what they want to do, but will allow others (teachers, coaches, grandparents AKA the mine sweepers) to do all of the heavy lifting.

Politicians who send people, nations, and other politicians to "clear the fields”...

What are some ways you can use Hero Rats in your life to avoid human collateral?

  • Efficient sales systems that utilize technology and sales tools for your staff.
  • Boundaries with your work, having periods where your phone stays in the other room while you spend time with your family and look your spouse and children in the eyes.
  • Supporting those around you by valuing their time and their energy.
  • Equipping your children to do their best when sending them to school.

Lots of ideas, but only practical if you take the time to build the system, train the Heroes, and refine the system each step of the way.

(photo via undp)