C:Media: HD TV Production Studio Now Open

C:Media: HD TV Production Studio Now Open

I am extremely happy to write this post and announce a grand milestone in the young world of Emerging Ideas. Something that began almost 2 years ago when we made the decision, with no money, no means, and a struggling and crippled production industry.

Again, we are ecstatic about this! Not because our team conquered the challenge of shipping large containers full of valuable production studio equipment from Los Angeles to landlocked Zimbabwe.

It's also not because we worked all of our import duties meticulously according to budget.

No, it's not because we managed to dodge all bribes (and some did come our way).

And no, it's not because we found low cost financing to do an entire broadcast equipment upgrade.

It's not necessarily because we got a major discount on premium HD cards and cables because of our amazing relationships.

All of the above is magnificent and is a cause for applause. However, the real excitement that is launching fireworks in my soul comes from this little fact:

Because of this upgrade, C:Media Productions is now able to the inject a large dose of higher quality TV and video productions into the region! Local content will start the rise to compete with global content. So a big congrats to all of the players in C:Media!

This past week, one of Zimbabwe's largest personalities, Makosi, launched her book called Self Love. This book will be followed by a national TV show called "Makosi Today" that was done in collaboration with C:Media Productions. Makosi, who lives mostly in Nigeria and who is married to a Nigerian, said at her launch, "C:Media is one of the reasons I chose to do by production business here in Harare [the capital of Zimbabwe]."

The show is punchy and creative. Makosi really asks the hard questions and carries on a highly engaged conversation with heroes and celebrities such as Peter Ndlovu, Munya Chidzonga, and many other high-hitting profilers.

With this brand new broadcast studio upgrade, this little production studio (C:Media) is now able to create virtual sets, stream live across the world, conduct a 5 camera shoot while editing, and placing music pieces and animated graphics in real time.

Our engineer friends from California hopped on a plane (or 3) and conducted training and operation structures on the ground. "We've already got waiting lists for reality shows, sports programs, and sitcoms," says Tsitsi Madoda, C:Media's Head of Operations.

Building Zimbabwe's first high definition broadcast studio is a great milestone for our team. We couldn't be prouder of C:Media. They are a shining light in the production environment in the SADC Region of Africa‚ÄĒpersevering doing business with consistent electricity power cuts and a market that has yet to realize that you can't get Discovery Channel quality for mere pennies.

C:Media is finishing strong in a flagship year, being named top TV production company in Zimbabwe and now securing the HD studio. The sky's the limit and we're excited to be on this journey with our team of media rockstars.

Thanks for reading and cheering us on. Netflix hasn't hit Africa yet, but when it does, C:Media will be ready.