Company Culture Taking You Into Outerspace

Company Culture Taking You Into Outerspace

Have you heard? They flew a rocket to space, deployed 11 satellites, then flew the rocket back down to the launch pad and landed it! That’s sci-fi kinda stuff!

You haven’t heard?

SpaceX is making waves globally with this feat of modern engineering and aerospace phenomena. One of our friends wrote all of the algorithms for the rocket to self-pilot and deploy, then land itself. He’s a genius. And hard worker too.

They had “telepathy” the entire time on the Falcon 9 rocket. I’m told that means they can see the exact protocols the rocket is going through as it initiates the algorithms and code written into it.

Command center was in Los Angeles while the rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Nearly 2,500 miles (4,000 km) away, yet with technology they’re fully in sync. Amazing.

We write about company culture a lot here. It’s always on our minds as we’re building companies to change their local communities. You can’t rally a group of people together and achieve large goals without incredible culture.

It’s always better to show you than tell you. So watch this video to see SpaceX’s company culture in full force.

They’ve been working day and night to hit their goal—launch, deploy, land, so they can reuse the rocket. It’s a game changer in their industry because it will significantly lower costs. Their founder has invested billions. They’ve all invested years of their lives.

Watch the video of what happens at SpaceX HQ as they land the rocket:

(can’t see the video above? click here)

Now this is company culture at its finest. Everyone working together for a common goal. Sweating, crying, slaving away to hit that goal. Then celebrating and enjoying the moment together when you hit the goal.

So cool. I can only imagine what it must have felt like to be in that command center. What a beautiful sight.

Is your culture tight like this?

(photo via spacex)