Create A Compelling And Exciting Vision

Create A Compelling And Exciting Vision

"Money follows a compelling and exciting vision. You must know your net worth and find a way to build the ideas that are bigger than you.” Nigel Chanakira, former CEO of Kingdom Bank and current Chairman of SMI Africa

We probably should end this entry right here. Enough said. End of story.

  • If your vision doesn’t excite you in the morning when you roll out of bed...
  • If your spouse isn’t supportive and you haven’t been able to sell him or her...
  • When you share your idea with your friends and colleagues and they look at you funny...
  • When you create a Facebook page, and your own mother won’t like it...

It may be time for for a new vision. Or a tweak (pivot) to your current one.

Remember the formula:

compelling + exciting + vision = investment

Don’t go seeking money. Seek to build something that will outlive your lifetime. Something that isn’t mere success. But something for a greater purpose to dedicate your life to.

You can have success. But an even greater thing to strive for is significance.

(photo via vern)