Creating Compelling Stories

Creating Compelling Stories

In our previous post, we wrote about creating a compelling story when selling or promoting your business, but what if you don’t have a compelling story to share?

Go and make one.

Ordinary can be extraordinary with the proper frame.

Think about it, a trillion dollar bill is just a trinket or an old piece of paper that has little to no value now. But framed  behind glass and given as a meaningful gift, it’s been elevated to a treasured item to place on the wall or desk.

Ways that I compel myself to think differently usually starts with a conversation. I enjoy meeting new people across the world, so I'll strike up a conversation with a stranger for no ulterior purpose—I’m just asking them about themselves. Where they are going. What they are doing. Discovering a new outlook on life. This usually leads to some interesting ideas.

Another way to create a compelling story is to try something that you’ve always wanted to do. I learned to skateboard last year so I could learn to longboard. It was terrifying, but I learned how to do it. We’ve gone kayaking at the base of Victoria Falls, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, camped with lions, and these experiences all shape stories and narratives.

Not having a story is not a problem if you have creativity.

If you don’t have creativity, then you must force yourself to exercise your creative muscle every day. Write down ideas, even if they’re silly and what you may call wasteful. Just write down a few ideas. Don’t judge them, but allow them to flow freely.

The more you exercise your creativity, the more compelling and sharp the ideas become.

It’s like searching for gold in a river bed. You may look for 100 days in a row and not find something, but on day 101, you find a large golden nugget that changes your narrative.

Creating a compelling story resonates with people. And that’s how you can connect your story, your brand, and your personality to the world around you in a more enjoyable and effective way.

(photo via cifor)