Creating the Road Map

Creating the Road Map

Let’s be honest. Times are tough. That doesn’t even scratch the surface.

And trying to grow a business is tough, no matter where you live. But to do it in an economic environment in sub-saharan Africa is a whole other set of challenges.

When starting out, you have to survive first. The key to survival is hitting that first breakthrough. It’s hard work. Like blasting a road through mountains—nearly impossible. But when you find the dynamite, it becomes duplicatable.

Then, you must iterate. Take that breakthrough and figure out how to do it again. Re-create it. Now it’s not a breakthrough because you’ve done it before.

  • Leap from survival to traction.
  • Traction to re-creation.
  • Re-creation to scalable business growth.

Last thing, if you keep smacking your head against the wall or hitting dead-ends, don’t fret too much. Seth Godin said it this way, “We find our way by getting lost. Anything other than that is called reading a map."

Breakthrough. Re-create. Systematize it. Create the road map.

This thought has given us a glimmer of encouragement during the last month. Keep up the hard work. We’re still working hard too.

(photo via antonio cinotti)