Creativity Is Linked With Generosity

Creativity Is Linked With Generosity

We did way more than we got paid for. With every output of genius, great atmosphere, or an incredible story there's a huge amount of give that drives it.

Creative people often give out more then they're paid for. It might be because creatives actually care about the smile or laughter on a face, or the tears in the receiving party's eyes. They give more.

Cirque du Soleil, the creative jaw dropping acrobatic movement, doesn't just put on a show they give, they practice over 12 hours a week all while performing 350 or more times a year. They give millions of dollars towards making your experience at their show jaw-dropping and forever memorable. They want to give the world a WOW. Local theaters hardly make any money. Yet Cirque du Soleil sells out. They’re generous with their imagination, generous with their vision, and generous with their time and talents.

Generous people are creative. It might not be in the form a Picasso-style painting or an Eiffel Tower design. It's in the way they see people.

The generous ask themselves: How much more can I give to the people that are special? How do I make our relationship extraordinary and memorable?

Here are a few rules on how creativity is linked with generosity:

  1. Creatives charge a lot because they want to give way more. They want to spend hours and hours perfecting things.
  2. When you’re stingy, you're stingy with your time, creativity, and love. You'll be focused on time and money and only what the budget took care of.
    If you're a true creative, then you don't want to touch anything that you can't give yourself 100% to.
  3. Nothing half-baked. Everything is an art piece and so it deserves all of your attention, all of your skill, and all of your generosity.

(photo via micah esguerra)