No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. —Voltaire

C:Media is at the place where their entire studio is being upgraded to a brand new Broadcast Pix system, and some additional trendy pieces as we help build the greatest production house in Zimbabwe. We had a call with our consultant in California helping us through the upgrade, and like any startup or growing business you have to crunch the numbers.

The first round of quotations came back to us and was 100% over our budget. I sat back in confusion—there was no way we could do what we'd set out to do with our upgrade. Our remarkable little management team sat around a table breaking the proposal into every possible solution—web discounts, showroom discounts, rebates—we even thought of how to raise a few more dollars by selling hot cross buns on the side of the road.

We had to crunch the numbers to move forward. We got back on another international, long distance call with our consultant and friend, Mr. Timothy Flynn. A few good ideas and a few bad ideas later and we reached an amazing compromise that still got us to where we needed to go. And the trigger was pulled.

Sometimes we run away because of a daunting task, goal, quote or obstacle. For an entrepreneur, that's when it gets fun. The challenge should almost give you a high. And when the result is favorable (often its not), then the flag of conquered ground can be raised.

Now because we're in Zimbabwe. The next grand challenge is shipping a 25 foot container from Los Angeles, getting it through customs, all the way to the budding city of Harare. We'll have another Crunch soon, but I'm confident with a little sustained thinking, we'll pull it off.