Daily Problems

Daily Problems

I received a message from the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), "Dear Customer, Our apologies, ZESA prepaid electricity tokens are currently unavailable due to system challenges. We will advise once normal services are restored."

These are the daily reminders that running a business in Zimbabwe is not easy. You can’t take anything for granted. And even when you do have cash to pay your bills, the “systems are down.” Notice how they don’t state what the challenges are, just we all have challenges, so you have to take our word for it—we’re having challenges too.

No power. No electricity. It’s hard to run a business with consistency when the environment you’re operating in is so predictably disastrous. Backup plans come into place, but even your backups don’t work sometimes. It’s part of the ebb and flow of doing business here.

And sometimes, when there’s no electricity, the weekend comes early.

Be flexible. Be adaptable. And don’t let the stupid problems in this country keep you disheartened. The playing field is level because we’re all having our challenges, even the guys at the top. Yes, even the top.

ZESA doesn’t play favourites when their system shuts down. We all lose power.

Here’s to a productive Monday.

(photo via paul saad)