Delegation does not equal responsibility handover.

Delegation should produce:

  • efficiency
  • teamwork
  • momentum
  • growth

When you delegate a task, you are not delegating responsibility. Rather, you are adding greater responsibility. You’re trusting that the person who is helping will also view the delegated task with great value, just like you do.

The Delegator is still responsible, even if he’s delegated it away.

The Delegatee is also responsible.

Responsibility should exponentially grow when things are delegated.

Trickle Down Responsibility is a requirement before you press the Delegation Button. If you’re not clear about your personal responsibility before delegating, the person who is delegated to rarely picks up the responsibility baton.

Most of the time this is confused. Someone delegates a task and they also pass on all responsibility for it. That kind of passed on responsibility is how corruption grows, companies fail, and nations collapse.

You can’t delegate responsibility. You might think you can, but ultimately, it doesn’t work very well.

Take responsibility. Then delegate the task and the shared weight of accomplishing it.

Delegation without the weight of responsibility must be banned.

(photo via viewminder)