Do I Have Your Attention?

Do I Have Your Attention?

No matter what we do—our job is always to tell our story.

The way you make change, make money, and real impact is by great storytelling.

It’s always been that way and it will always be that way.

We’re human beings and that’s what we like.

Humans love stories.

You have to remember this fact. When you tell quality stories, people listen. Quality storytelling always wins.

And when it comes to relating to people, attention is the only asset that matters.

Seriously, attention is the only commodity that matters anymore. Because once you have someone’s attention, the rest can follow (new business, relationships, financing, a purchase, etc.).

Our friends at Explainify say that if you don’t hook someone by the first 3 seconds of what you’re showing them, then that’s the end of the conversation. That attention span is literally shorter than a goldfish’s. Think about that. Hook them in 3 seconds.

Are you connecting within 3 seconds of the email you send? Or the start of your board meeting? Or the greeting and handshake? Or the online video, Facebook post, blog?

For more on this, watch Gary Vaynerchuk’s passion filled rant and insight. (there is some colorful language so probably NSFW)

(photo via alex abian)