Do I Really Need To Have This Meeting?

Do I Really Need To Have This Meeting?

We’re not against meetings. In fact, they’re some of the most productive and mountain-moving activity you can do, if you do them right. And if you get the right people to the table with the right expectations.

But it’s important to have a clear look at whether meetings are worth your time (and your team’s and everyone involved). We hate wasting people’s time.

Here’s a Meeting Checklist to go over before you agree to your next meeting:

  • Is this providing value to where we’re heading?
  • Am I mutually providing value to the person I’m considering meeting with?
  • Is this a heck yes process? (meaning you’re 100% into accomplishing or solving what you’re going to meet about)
  • Could you do a quick phone call to discuss this topic?
  • Has a brief and meeting notes/agenda/thoughts been sent prior to the meeting?
  • Do I even like this person? (jokes, but no, seriously)

If you can’t answer an emphatic HECK YES to the majority of the above, then consider the following actions:

  • Excusing yourself from the meeting—you’re not going to provide value
  • Asking for clarification on the agenda and goals of the meeting
  • Trim the size of the people involved and/or length of time allotted for the meeting.
  • Provide your thoughts and feedback over a brief email/phone call.

Great meetings are fantastic. Anything less than that should be avoided like giant potholes in the road.

(photo via us army africa)