Do The Little Things Matter, Really?

Do The Little Things Matter, Really?

"Oxford comma is the world's most controversial punctuation mark.”

  • Oh it’s no big deal, it was just a little typo.
  • Oh it’s no big deal, I was only late a few minutes.
  • Oh it’s no big deal, I rounded up and kept the change for myself.
  • Oh it’s no big deal…

Do the little things matter?

A missing comma ignited a ten million dollar legal debate recently when the contract combined the last two actions of dairy delivery drivers. Because the clause was combined, the drivers sued and said they were not given overtime to conduct their distribution task.

If the comma had been there, they wouldn’t have ground for overtime pay.

The little things do matter.

The market shows us this. Look at the startup Grammarly. They use Artificial Intelligence to spell check your emails and proposals. They have millions of users now and just finished a $110 million VC round. People are wanting to automate their lack of grammar expertise.

The little things do matter.

Take our friends at SpaceX as an example. They had to delay the launch of one of their rockets a few years ago due to a micro defect in one of their welds. The last time they didn’t catch it, the rocket imploded on itself.

  • Have you ever had a hairline fracture in your wrist? Don’t tell me the little things don’t matter!
  • Ever forgot your girlfriend's birthday? That’s not a little thing, why are we even mentioning it!
  • Ever had a mosquito in your room while you're trying to sleep?

Our entire lives and ecosystems are full of little things that matter. They do matter.

  • Your business card.
  • Your deadlines & timeliness.
  • The culture of your company.
  • The way you answer the phone.
  • Your grammar in emails, promo materials, web content.
  • Your tweets & posts.
  • The person you hire to clean your office.
  • Your website.

The little things matter. Don’t be a control freak or a micromanager, but put value in the details.

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