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  • Dodge vs Ford: What's the Purpose of Business?

    By 1916, the Ford Motor Company had accumulated a cash surplus of $60 million (the modern day equivalent of $1.35 billion). The price of the Model T, Ford’s signature product, had been cut over the years, yet the wages of the employees had increased dramatically, and these generous investments had been publicized. Two brothers...  Read More

  • Billions Worth of Failures

    I’ve made billions of dollars worth of failures. Literally. But they don’t matter. What really matters is...companies that don’t experiment and embrace failure, they get in a desperate position where they throw hail mary bets at the end of their existence. Now I’m not talking about bet the company bets...  Read More

  • Excellence saves you time in the long run.

    Excellence isn't twice as much work. You don't have to do twice as much when you work smart. The beginning of excellence is evaluation: "Is there a better way to do this? Could there be a better way to do what we're doing?" Most people give birth to ideas with fully...  Read More