Doing Business with Integrity Together

Doing Business with Integrity Together

If enough of us stood up, raised our hands, and chose to do business with integrity, I believe we could smash corruption and its counterparts in the face.

If we said we're not going to accept mediocrity in the way we do business. If we said, I'm not going to accept lies from my business partners.

If enough of us said we're going to do business the right way, then maybe we could make a difference together. It's just a theory, but let’s see if it works.

I'm tired of people sending me emails saying sign this NDA (nondisclosure agreement), like I'm going to steal their idea. If we enter into new relationships with one one another expecting our ideas to get stolen, then we're setting ourselves up for theft. It's time to change our culture.

It's time to start believing in the good of our fellow man. It's time to stand up and say I'm going to do business the right way and you can get out of my way if you don't believe in it. I choose to do business with the people I do business with, and therefore I choose to do business with people who do business honestly and with integrity.

When corruption stops you in the road and demands a bribe, you have a decision to drive your stake in the ground and refuse (no matter the delay). Refusing becomes easier when your business partner is on the same page and when you have a group who has banded together to make a claim for integrity.

Doing business in Africa has a bad reputation around the world. A few of us can stand up and change that.

Who's with me?

(photo via gary simmons)