Dominos That Knock Down Buildings

Dominos That Knock Down Buildings

How will I ever be able to solve this problem inside my company? No one before me could figure it out.

How will I ever start a business? I’ve never convinced my family to believe in me.

You need to learn about the domino effect of exponential growth.

The greatest and most powerful business leaders in the world harness this power to accomplish unimaginable things.

If you line up dominos, each domino can knock down a subsequent domino that is 1.5x larger than the next (for example, a regular sized domino, then a slightly larger one, up to the size of a brick, then a plank, then a wall, then a larger wall… In 29 dominos, you can knock down the entire Empire State building in New York City). Don’t believe me? Watch this.

This is the power of exponential growth.

When you tackle one thing at a time, then it pretty soon knocks an entire building down and you can accomplish what seemed impossible when you first started. If you can stick with it for 29 subsequent dominos or more.

The exponential effect—tackle what’s in front of you and soon mountains will tumble.

I like case studies. They serve a few purposes. One, you see that I’m not a liar. And two, you get to see how someone else did something incredible and can apply those same principles to your life.

Here’s a case study...

There was a little kid from South Africa who was obsessed with comics and technology. He worked for years as a child to hack together a computer game. It was rudimentary and he ended up making a few hundred bucks off of it. Starting small, right? A computer game.

Then, if I remember correct, he started selling door to door.

Next, he bought a house in college and turned into a makeshift nightclub. He didn’t care for the parties, just used it to pay rent.

Step by step...

With a little money from family, he founded a web software company that gave people directions to restaurants and became a city guide. He ended up selling that and making $22 million.

But it didn’t stop there.

Next came a company aimed at creating online commerce. eventually became PayPal and sold for over $1.5 billion USD (he netted $165 million).

Easy, sit back and relax and retire. No ways.

This domino effect continued.

He then split his cash into three investments: solar, lithium batteries, and reusable rockets.

Solar City, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX are all worth nearly $30 billion USD today and producing the world’s most cutting edge technology and future humankind plans.

Meet Elon Musk.

We can’t all be Elon. But we can learn the principle of exponential growth from him. Start where you are.

Launching rockets into space is not as easy as 1…2…3… but don’t let that stop you. Are you willing to commit to create 29 subsequent dominos?

(photo via spacex)