Don't Bother Trilogy

Don't Bother Trilogy

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Paul Polak speak and the following morning we had breakfast together. After breakfast, his “Don’t Bother Trilogy” was bouncing around in my head over and over. This is how Dr. Polak is thinking about all the new projects he takes on:

  1. If you haven’t spoken to 100 poor customers...
  2. If it doesn’t pay for itself 3 times in the first year...
  3. If you can’t sell $100 million of them...

Then don’t bother. 

This kind of big thinking is needed to solve the world’s largest issues—the only people in the world that I know of that think this way are entrepreneurs.

Don’t bother trilogy: talk to your potential customers, make sure it’s wildly profitable, and build in scalable systems from the start. Do these things and you’re a few steps closer to success and making a significant difference in the world.

(photo via seanj)