Don't Finish Strong.

Don't Finish Strong.

Happy December everyone. Bond notes have officially arrived. Rumor has it, it’s already trading at a 5 to 1 rate with the US dollar.

Don't finish strong. Start strong.

"I'm finishing strong." It's common lingo at the end of a year. But really, the year isn't ending. In so many other calendars the year began a few months ago. The problem with the mindset of "Finishing Strong" is that it can stop you. It can destroy momentum. It can stop you from flowing into the next year.

When you finish something, you complete it. You're done! You take a break. You rest, and then it's almost as though starting again requires you to get up off the floor and muster up energy from scratch. After all, you've sat down and lost momemtum because you crossed the finish line and grabbed a Powerade.

What if you reversed the lingo? What if in November/December you started to tell people, "I'm getting ready to start strong.” Your creative juices get squeezed, the energy levels are already thrusting you into greatness as January pulls around. It'll be impossible for you to completely break down, shut off and eat too much junk food. It'll be foreign to reward yourself by eating fudge brownies instead of going to the gym.

There is no finish! It's just a short transition period where you can't afford to lose momentum. Momentum carries you through the year into the next. New Year's resolutions would have already been made in November and you're kiss at midnight didn't come as a surprise. You would have been getting kisses way in advance.

2017 Starts now. If you think about starting 2017 strong now, then you'll definitely have an amazing finish to 2016.

Finishing strong sounds like you're about to die and leave your legacy. It's over, the Fat Lady sang, and also, she's about to croak.

Start strong.

(photo via starmanseries)