Drug Dealer On The Side

Drug Dealer On The Side

Value your time.

We should start and finish with that. Enough said, right? It’s been pounded into us over and over again. Value your time and value other’s time.

I’m constantly up against this battle of people wanting to “pick my brain” or well intended folk constantly needing to meet me for coffee or tea. You know the type of meeting where we talk about futuristic ideas, dreams, and a few of their favorite things like "when the dog bites…and when the bee stings" with no particular direction. We spend money on coffee and shove our day down a barrel of reverse momentum. Those conversations don't often do much. At the beginning of my professional career, I would often loop it into the R&D category or "Brain Storm" category of “developing my network.” After a while, I realized that no pieces of fruit came from those seed investments of time.

Now I'm almost over conscious about where I spend time, and if I happen to get myself into a meeting that looked good but is taking an irrelevant turn, I get out of it. I cut it short and I make sure that any rabbits hoping to go on any trails are stopped and encouraged to go back down into their holes. Get back in your hole, you pesky rabbit!

Do you really value your own time? Then why aren’t you getting paid for what you do? Or at the very least you've seen your advice being taken and it's done some awesome damage (effective and proficient damage that is).

As an idea person, when I give someone an idea, I’m giving away my service or my mojo. Can you imagine a pharmacist giving away his services for free? No ways! There’s a name for that, it’s called Drug Dealer. And apparently even they charge the second time around!

This is the same for a service provider who is providing expertise (their time) in exchange for dollars.

The question isn’t “Is my customer willing to pay for my expertise?” But rather, “Am I willing to ask?”

Value your time enough to ask. And don’t deal drugs on the side. That never ends well.

(photo via kool cats)