Emerging Africa, Emerging Leaders

Emerging Africa, Emerging Leaders

Senegal released a vision plan to build infrastructure, promote investment, business growth, tourism, and boost national GDP. The plan is a mild overview and gives a little information on the nation and opportunities available. And it’s something that Zimbabwe and other African nations should look at creating—especially those nations looking to increase GDP and local business growth (hopefully all of them).

One of the key points that stick out to me in both the plan and the executive summary is the repeated mention of lack of human resources and human capital to be able to sustain and execute a national plan like this.

Where are all of the good people, Africa? Where are all of the capable leaders? And where are those who are going to take ownership for themselves and their nations?

I believe they’re in this new generation of entrepreneurs. The African diaspora boasts some of the best and most brilliant minds we have. Yet, many of them are not sure of coming back, can’t see the opportunity, and are now out of touch with the on-the-ground happenings.

But, watch what happens when the young leaders begin to take ownership of a national plan like this and choose to invest in themselves, in their communities, and in their local ideas. It’s a magnet for courageous nationals who want to see healthy change and development in their homeland.

Trust me, it only takes a handful of people to believe in themselves and in the collective togetherness of a culture. If you can rally a few hungry and savvy young people with the experience and capital of the sage—transformation begins to take hold.

The Emerging Senegal Plan is admirable. No matter how beautiful the plan, if our human capital doesn’t match our white paper, then we won’t see long term, multi-generational change in our nations.

Thanks for being part of our tribe. Together, we believe, we can change Africa for the better.


To read the full Emerging Senegal Plan, click here.

(photo via angel hernansaez)