What are you entitled to as a human being?

This is an important question in defining your worldview, as well as how successful you’ll be as an entrepreneur.

  • Do you wake up thinking the world owes it to you? That they should thank you for being alive?
  • Do you deserve the air you’re breathing into your lungs?
  • Are you the savior of your world?
  • What about your partners? Should they affirm and thank you more for how awesome you are?

Our current generation (and younger) resist labels. We don’t like them. Don’t call me a this or a that. I am my own person! We resist being put into a specific box because all of us are unique. And we strive to show the world this.

This can be one of our greatest strengths. It breeds innovation and diversity of thought. However, it also can be a pitfall of ours because it can lead to a great sense of self-reliance, egotism, and pride.

An attitude of gratitude is a great way to combat allowing this "unique essence" to remain humble.

In reality, we aren’t owed anything. We came into this world with nothing and we’ll leave it with nothing temporal. A few things that will last are the principles and relationships that we formed while on earth. Not much lives on into eternity.

  • You’re not owed the air you breathe.
  • You’re not owed success in life.
  • You’re not owed a second chance (or third, or first for that matter).

We live in an incredible era of juxtaposition—globalization has made the world flat. It’s leveled the playing field. Whether you live in a republic, democracy, autocracy, or dictatorship—we now have access to many of the same things (thank you internet and online education…).

So be thankful for what you have. And give credit to whom credit is due. Be thankful to the Creator for creation. Be thankful to your business partners for their trust in you. Be grateful to your spouse for his/her love. And be thankful for the opportunity to have access to the greatest innovation revolution in history.

You can create and be unique and be your own person. But if you’re not grateful for what you have, you’ll never be grateful for what you will have.

Who are you thankful for today?

(photo via mac.rj)