Entrepreneurship is Not

Entrepreneurship is Not


  • because you stole insider secrets and started your own gig.
  • because you took your company’s relationships and started your own thing.
  • you have an idea and leave your occupation when there’s a shortage of doctors in the nation. (insert whatever occupation here)


  • solving a particular problem within your company or organization. Yes, you can be an employee operating like an entrepreneur. We need more of you! Some people call this person an intrapreneur.
  • a viable solution because you’re unemployed.
  • a way to scale your small business.

While we’re on the topic… If you’re a professional with a degree and refined skills (think medical doctor, seasoned attorney, water drilling specialist, etc.) and you have an idea. Please work on it on the side. Then, when the idea is ready, build a team around the project and let it grow. Put your ego aside. We need you to do heart surgery and save lives. Structure the business so you own it and profit from it, but also give incentive to a team of entrepreneurs who can help you bring your idea to market.

Too many professionals are thinking this OR that. When it should be this AND that. Be a doctor and build a few extra revenue streams.

We need more doctors and professionals doing great work AND launching cool ideas in Africa.

If you’re unemployed, give it a try. Not everyone's an entrepreneur, but you might be.

(photo via smilla4)