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  • Kicking Down the Dirt Path

    Do you ever feel like your business growth efforts are futile? Like you’re just kicking an idea around and two years later, you’re still kicking it? We have a ton of ideas we throw out there just to see if any stick. Then we kick them down the dirt path and see if...  Read More

  • I Wanna Be A Zimpreneur

    What’s up with everyone going around adding “preneur” on the end of every word. Have you noticed this? Being an entrepreneur has become such a fad. It started about a decade ago in the USA. Then into Europe. Well it’s full force into Africa...  Read More

  • Luck is an Offensive, Abhorrent Concept

    Did you hear about the Golden State Warriors winning 28 games in a row? The way that ball bounced in overtime against the Celtics. Steph Curry (MVP) did a 1-and-a-half dribble underneath the opponent's arm. He made it look so easy. But what you don’t know is that move has taken hours and hours of dribble work. Just working on...  Read More