All the things we've tried recently (most have failed):

  • Water heaters from Malaysia
  • Water drilling in Ethiopia
  • Big Africa 1.0, business connection website
  • Snake breeding business
  • YouTube music videos
  • YouTube book review videos
  • Entrepreneur education events
  • Radio show/podcast syndication
  • Reading bedtime stories to a room full of toddlers
  • Importing wheelchairs for the UN (blog on that one day)
  • Financing a mining electric company
  • Working with entrepreneurs to open a new mine in Zimbabwe
  • Drinking an entire pot of coffee in one sitting
  • Flying international and making our flights on time
  • Having power at our homes daily (thanks ZESA)
  • Remodeling a really old historic building
  • Remodeling the basement of a church
  • Climbing the tallest mountain Africa
  • Catching a sleeping leopard on a branch (never saw it)
  • Crocodile hunting
  • Importing tech devices from the US
  • Hosted VC's in Zimbabwe
  • Mentoring at Harare's Start-up Weekend
  • Hosting the Amnion bus in Harare
  • Create our own "go-getter" culture and language
  • Get a free international airline ticket (which we did)

If only 0.001% of ideas become successful, then you’ve got to get your hands dirty and try a few things before you find the one that hits.

'Tis a lesson you should heed:
Try, try, try again.
If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try, try again.
—W.E. Hickson

(photo via our friends @ brck)