Follow The Story

Follow The Story

When you fail, see where it leads.

When you're failing, don't stop what you've set out to do and get swallowed into a time capsule. Avoid throwing in the towel and vowing to settle.

When we fail, often our first response is, “Ah! I shouldn’t have been on this road to begin with!”

No, continue down the path of where you started. It’s not necessary to try to find a new road right away.

Instead, see what's around the corner from the fail and understand that this particular fail is adding to your story.

When you're at your worst point ever, you're at the most exciting time in your life. It may suck to be you, but without these major lows, crashes, and near death experiences, your life could become boring and the victories not nearly as sweet.

I meet people all the time who used to live in the first world that now live in the third world. They often say, “The difference is that in the third world the emotional temperatures change much faster. It’s hot one morning, then the next day all is calm and peaceful again, just to be fired up by the end of the day.”

In other words, don’t throw in the towel at the first sign of failure and hard times.

If you're sitting around the campfire with your children and you're story is, “Well, it's just been a big, happy boat of success. Things just fell into place, they worked out and now we are doing fine…” Then that’s a boring movie. It’s a book with no crux-point or edge of your seat turn. A mountain range with no valleys and no views.

Success doesn’t come from 100% success. Success is born out of failure.

When you're at your lowest point, get a choir to chant your name and bang on the tambourines of celebration because your life is just beginning. Get excited because your story is starting to come together, and now it might be interesting.

Add to the story. If you're down in the dirt, dig a hole and dig lower. Embrace the pain. A series of embarrassing moments is always funnier than just one incident.

Everyone has had reasons to give up. But the people that succeed add the failures to their story and their story wins the hearts of many.

Ask yourself, “What’s around the bend?"

Oh and while you’re at it, get dumped too, make it a noteworthy “LOW," and then follow the story.

(photo via r.pope)