Forget the Fancy Terms

Forget the Fancy Terms

We often get tripped up on feeling ill-equipped to accomplish the task at hand. There’s always someone smarter than you out there. Or someone more qualified with a PhD in human-centered design or Six Sigma manufacturing.

When you encounter these thoughts, feelings, or people, it often paralyzes us to take action. Don’t let it paralyze you!

Virgin America has a humorous video they put out for April Fools Day. They’re pretending to rebrand and using all sorts of big words and eloquent metaphors.

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It’s all rubbish and poking fun at the brains that attempt to paralyze us from taking action. You can always ponder more, think things through a bit deeper, or get more advice.

At some point, you must take action.

It’s at this point that you’ll encounter what Seth Godin calls the lizard brain. This amygdala part of your brain is meant to protect you from danger, but it can also hinder you from fulfilling your destiny if you’re not careful.

Face the critic. Stare down the terminology. Then take action.

You can always iterate after you take action. Meaning, you can change course, move to a different path, pivot, or start over.

On the other hand, if you’re paralyzed, the next thing you’ll see is the competition blowing past you, the truck hurtling toward you on the road to “I should have,” “wish I could have,” and a long list of other regrets.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. And keep taking action toward your goals.

(photo via jeronimo sanz)