Freedom is Responsibility

Freedom is Responsibility

Freedom is responsibility...

The more responsibility you give up the less freedom you have. Why? Because you'll be bound by other people's timeframes and timelines. And you'll abdicate your role of decision making.

A person working in a large organization who tries to get by doing the least amount of work and skirting around her Key Result Area's will have more beady eyes watching her than the guy who takes a 2 hour lunch and arrives to work late, but who's doing more than expected.

Here's another example, you've been servicing your car regularly, so you're free to drive and get to meetings, and take vacations. Throw that responsibility out the window and you trade your freedom for slavery when the car stops working completely and the bill is too great to think about.

One're doing well in your business, but you've let the taxes slip. After all, it seems criminal to pay taxes. You save more money not paying and you think freedom is close. The audit team comes in and BOOM! you're a slave. You're in a jail cell and the freedom you thought you had was fictitious.

Responsibility is freedom. Know your job and do it well. If you do, I guarantee rules will be less and freedom will be more.

[HT to Netflix's Culture document they posted on Slideshare. Take a look.]

(photo via andreasS)