Frog Protection

Frog Protection

There’s a clever little commercial that Discover Card’s been running where a man calls in to discuss his account with a company representative. (you can watch it here)

While clutching his pet frog, the man asks, “Hey, I heard you can help me with Frog Protection?”

The rep informs him, “Yeah we can help you with Fraud Protection...”

The scene cuts back to the man who’s still clutching his pet frog in his hand, “Just to be clear you are saying Frog Protection, right?”

Rep: “Yeah, Fraud Protection.”

Man: “Frog!”

Rep: “FRAUD!”

Man: “FROG!”

Rep: “FRAUD!"

Man: “I think we’re on the same page.”

Rep: “We’re totally on the same page.”

Good communicators consistently clarify and spell out their exact understandings. The Just-to-be-clear phrase is a great one to have when there’s a hint of misunderstanding in a conversation. But also be willing to go the extra mile to spell out the details if you’re not confident you understand the intricacies of a deal (or in this case, what the other person is saying).

One word can make all the difference.

(photo via Risto Kuulasmaa)