Fruit From Mars

Fruit From Mars

A child. He wakes up exhilarated with life. So many new things to see, new sounds to hear, and new surfaces to touch. Nothing is monotonous and there's not one moment that boredom or a soggy routine sets in. The main thing a child thinks about is "What else in the world is new, and how can I touch it?"

The first time I went crocodile hunting nothing else mattered—not my homework, not the people who were smarter then me. It was just the adventure that held my focus. The age of 35 rolls around and the things you're chasing have shifted from new toys, new ways to touch light sockets, new places to deep sea dive to payments, bills, creditors, debtors, loans, bonuses, and your one day off.

James Altucher said that he'd rather shoot himself in the head then own a house again (link). There's a societal pull towards "settling down," which really means "Get a mortgage, a few car payments, and start trying to save to send your child to university."

People shift from doing new things that excite and cause high peaks of positive, emotional adrenaline and excitement to doing repetitive things that will hopefully work because it seems normal.

Most people on a day to day basis are chasing something (in order to pay someone) doing the same thing at their desk every day, eating in the same city every day, and planning a very budgeted vacation with only one jet-ski ride per person in the family (and we've all been jet-skiing so it's not really new).

The excitement of trying something new is healthy, stress relieving, and it puts things into perspective. Where do you normally go for vacation? Change it up. Instead of going to the lake cabin in Montana, plan a trip to Zanzibar. Instead of sending your child to college (or going to college) get an apprenticeship with a person you'd like to become (he probably didn't go to college either). Instead of using Excel to keep track of your customers, recommend a CRM tool to your boss (after you've tried it first).

What if I told you that tomorrow an exotic fruit from Mars was going to be delivered to your doorstep? You'd be one of 100 people in the world to get the first try. More then likely there'd be an excited you (prone to adventure—because we all are), waiting early in the morning ready to try it out. Because it's new, it's different, and it's changing up the monotony.

The fruit from Mars doesn't exist, but there are so many things worth trying that are new to you. Everyone gets into ruts where the old becomes you and you become old. The discipline of grabbing hold of the new, changing things up, and daring to try something different will give you more sleepless nights because of excitement, forget the mortgage. Let the adventure of presenting a daring idea to your boss or starting a new venture hold your focus.

Do one thing new today. Drive a different route. Drink a different tea. Talk to someone you've never met before. Fruit from Mars might not exist, but there's a spread of new things that do.