Fun And Honesty

Fun And Honesty

If you include anything in your business and career culture, make sure that you include Fun and Honesty.

Every business, individual, and people group have a culture by default. In business, this culture is engrained into everything you and your employees do as a company. What you do (and don't do), say (and don't say) becomes the composite of your brand. Every action, interaction, smile or frown adds to the customer's view of who you are. Don't be fooled. It reflects on your core culture as a company.

Build Fun & Honesty Into Your Core Culture

Every person on earth is looking to connect with people acting out these cultural rituals, even those who don't operate by them. Think of the opposite of these traits, Boring and Dishonest. No one wants to be friends with someone who's boring or dishonest, let alone do business with him.

These two aspects of outlook on life (often overlooked and under utilized) work hand in hand. Separating Fun and Honesty is like taking the fizz out of coke. The connection is flat and disappointing.

Have you ever been talking to someone only to realize they are being dishonest? Even though there might be bursts of laughter, lots of free drinks, and some extra caviar, it destroys trust and the dishonest component destroys the Fun. It's like drinking flat coke.

Switch it up. An honest person that never had fun is like going to the moon with a stuffed animal. When you get there, there's no one to share champagne with. There's no enthusiasm in the accomplishment. It's terrible.

Honesty is a necessity in business and it gets a fair amount of attention. Don't overlook adding fun to your corporate culture.

A Lesson In Fun & Honest Banking

Find the sore points, and mundane practices in your industry and turn them from mundane to fun. Here's a good example. Missouri Bank has an fantastic way of making a walk-in deposit fun! Through the doors you walk, and instantly you are served a specialty roast coffee in a designer cup. As you mosey on to the teller (who's dressed in a fun and trendy sun dress), she's wearing a huge smile as she greets you. The artwork on the wall behind her is local, abstract with splashes of purple, blue and bright yellow. The transaction slip reads, "We are a bank, but we don't do transactions. In fact, you'll never do a transaction with us ever. We are about friendships." Now that is Fun!

Their cash envelopes read "Most banks give you cold hard cash. But we are Missouri Bank. And so we're giving you warm, caring cash! Use it wisely!" More fun!

On your way out, there's candy and chocolate. I'm not at a bank. I'm at show!

It's easy to slip into a monotonous, transactional business system—where laughter has left the building and smiles have turned upside down. It's also easy to slip in a few dishonest comments in today's society. That behavior doesn't last and won't enable your business to grow longterm. Broken trust is hardly recoverable. Fun and Honesty promotes trust and memories with everyone you interact with.

When honesty and fun becomes your culture, people enjoy doing business with you. They talk about you to their friends and colleagues. And it genuinely makes the world a better place.

It's time to rebuild your culture. Make it honest and fun.

(photo via david blackwell)