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  • Excellent Is Easier To Maintain Than Average

    It's harder to lead average. It's easier to lead world class. Excellent is easier to maintain than average. Here's why. One word: momentum. When something is crushed out of the park, the release button gives you sleepless nights of excitement...  Read More

  • Creating the Road Map

    Let’s be honest. Times are tough. That doesn’t even scratch the surface. And trying to grow a business is tough, no matter where you live. But to do it in an economic environment in sub-saharan Africa is a whole other set of challenges...

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  • Leadership Sits in the Same Cockpit as Reputation

    Leadership sits in the same cockpit as reputation on the flight of life. You get a good reputation, or not so good, as a leader when there's a crisis, not when there's smooth sailing. American Express's CEO has lead the company for 14 years. He took over the company right before the 9/11 saga where...  Read More