Get Your Communication Straight

Get Your Communication Straight

It’s so important to get everyone on the same communication channel—especially long distance teams. If I send you an email, but then you don’t read it and reply with 1 word or 1 sentence answers, the momentum is stopped.

If you only want me to send you whatsapp messages to make decisions, but then a train of 50 messages starts flying back and forth…it’s difficult to reference these conversations when we need to sit on something and think about it.

You've got to get your team on the same page with your communication style and adjust how you communicate based on how your team members work.

A flow that we've been using:

  • Whatsapp for quick decisions and short conversations. If it takes more than a couple back and forths, then we hop on a short and to the point call.
  • Email is used for larger and thoughtful discussions. For example, distribution strategy, a new concept, or budgets. The problem is when the whole team hops on the email train and starts flinging random thoughts and gifs for humour value.
  • So then we hop back over to Whatsapp to discuss the budget.

In the USA, a lot of teams are migrating off email and into discussion platforms like Slack. These prevent the deluge of short email reply-alls, but give the added benefit of file storage for reference and easily searchable conversations.

We're also seeing trends of discussion options to the side of workflow documents (see Evernote Work Chat, DropBox Comments, and Google Drive Comments).

Technology provides an endless supply of solutions. We try to keep it simple and clear on the best way for our teams to navigate the challenges of communicating.

Whatever channels you choose, make it clear, get your team on board, and then work your system to maximize momentum and workflow.

(photo via internews europe)